InspectUs Web Portal

Web Portal

Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

Once all the data is delivered online to our system; an automated process scans the results and provide it for You to view all inspections in details, produce complete reports and print off relevant certificates, using our Web Portal.

Issues Management Tool

Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

The whole process does not end there. Understanding the needs of the industry we decided to go a step further and have provided web based InspectUs Issues Management Tool for you.

Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

This web based tool let you make decisions and choose further actions against any outstanding issue straight on our Web Portal.

Here, you can also monitor further performed actions and produce Advanced Reports.

Export Reports & Certificates

Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

With constant access to our database you can pick best time for you:

- to review all performed events
- to check the status of each asset
- to export LOLER Certificates
- to export Detailed Inspection Reports
- to combine required assets into a single report

It’s very easy to find your historic data and to have the piece of mind. All its backed up on our servers, so you won't ever lose anything.

Perform Your Own Events

* Beta - feature currently in development
Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

Forget the old fashioned pen and paper forms using our software allows you to create your own assets and perform your own personalised Event forms that you have the flexibility to create your own question and answer type.

You can also create electronic forms; for example Safety Audits.
You have the power to replace your pen and paper with an organised database.