Inspection System for Your Lifting Equipment Assets

The best Inspection Software in the Lifting Industry.

Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

Stay Up To Date 24/7

InspectUs is a database that will hold all your assets, so any time ACDC Cranes performs a LOLER service inspection or attends a breakdown all information will be uploaded into InspectUs.

You will be provided with a web site link and a user account, which will enable you to access information, this can be accessed via most common web browsers on any computer with internet access.

You can export reports and certificates when you need them, our software is exceptionally good at letting you know what the outstanding issues are on your assets making your life so much easier to manage your assets with ACDC Cranes professional advice.

Inspectus is a complete system which consists of three separate modules:

Mobile Application (Off-Line App)

Administration System

Customer Web Portal (Your tool)

InspectUs on site mobile application

Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

Each part works simultaneously and together, so we are able to identify and inspect your Lifting Assets on site. Capture all the Issues with complete evidence using advanced mobile app.

InspectUs Perform Your Own Events

* Beta - feature currently in development
Inspectus Mobile and Online Reporting

Forget the old fashioned pen and paper forms using our software allows you to create your own assets and perform your own personalised Event forms that you have the flexibility to create your own question and answer type.

You can also create electronic forms; for example Safety Audits.
You have the power to replace your pen and paper with an organised database.