LPR®-2D Precise Position Detection Indoors and Outdoors


LPR®-2D is an all-purpose measurement unit designed for precise 2D indoor or outdoor localization by radar signals. It is ideally suited for vehicle, forklift and crane positioning.

The LPR®-2D components are extremely robust and maintenance-free. The highly-precise measurement unit directly determines the position of the moving object by utilizing stationary local reference markers (LPR®-2D transponder). The transponders are maintenance-free and can be installed either indoors or outdoors. An area as large as 100,000 square meters (approximately 300 m x 300 m) can be covered with just six transponders.

The LPR®-2D measurement unit features a flexible design that permits the capture and analysis of additional sensor data such as weight, lift height or loading status, depending on the application. The reliability of the main- tenance-free sensors is unaffected by heavy dirt and grime or by the vibra- tions that typically result from rough and bumpy crane/vehicle operations.

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